October 6, 2008

In our readings this week the concept of storyboarding was presented in Nancy Duarte’s books slide:ology and  in chapter four of Garr Reynolds’  book Presentation Zen.  Both authors emphasize how important planning is to any multimedia presentation.  They also encourage people to do their planning with paper and pencil away from the computer.

The readings this week were conformation of what I am doing in the classroom.  For each multimedia presentation that my students create in class I require that they plan their presentation on a storyboard.  I have to admit that I do not require or give as much time to this step as I probably should.  Time is a valuable and limited resource in the classroom, and it is hard to devote days to brainstorming and planning.  This is something that I want to work on and continue to emphasize in my classroom.

In Duarte’s books she recommends devoting 36-90 hours of time to developing and hour-long presentation.   As a teach, devoting this much time to a presentation would be great, but it seems unrealistic.  Most teachers have more than one presentation to give each week and often times more than one per day.  There is no way a teacher can devote this much time to each presentation or lesson.  The challenge for teachers is how can we develop high quality effective lessons in a shorter time period?  The good news is we can evaluate, reuse, and modify lessons from year to year.