My grad tool

November 11, 2008

Each week it IT 5130 we are given different websites (tools) to look at and explore.  This week I am posting one of my own, Cover It Live.  I was exposed to this site through a staff development class in my district.  Cover it Live’s software allows people to blog with each other in real time almost like instant messaging.  If used correctly I think this has a lot of potential for the classroom.  

I would like to use this tool with my students when we have a socratic seminar.  I envision the inner circle having a discussion on a topic as any traditional socratic seminar would have, but students in the outer circle would all have laptops and would be blogging with each other about the conversation taking place or about the discussion question.  Many times students have a hard time being in the outer circle because it is either boring or they want to participate in the discussion taking place in the inner circle.  I am eager to try this tool to see if it helps remedy those problems.  

Cover It Live was tried at my school recently in on a PLC day and it did not go over very well with one of the groups. Most groups thought using this tool was a lot of fun, but in one group the teachers said they had a hard time listening to the inner circle and blogging at the same time.  As teachers we hear so much about how good our students are at multitasking while doing there homework that this should not be a problem for them…I hope!